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Experts in hydraulic hand pumps

Know exactly what you want? Find Micropac® stock products on Specialist application or need to draw upon 30 years of hand pump know-how? Stay on and talk to us.

If you are a designer or specifier, you will have particular requirements from standard equipment. We talk low corrosion 316 stainless and polymer, low temperatures, skydrol, low mass, special quality requirements, subsea, ATEX and hazardous atmospheres, special seal, water hydraulics, glycols, pressure testing, OEM hydraulic pumps, actuation, standby hydraulics, manifold based systems and of course value for money. Is Far East necessarily good value? Not necessarily. Check out British and find first rate Engineering Support.

Need something special? A modification or even something that you cannot find? Our parts bin has built up over 30 years and may well offer a very cost effective OEM unit. Examples include:

  • A multinational actuator manufacturer who needed to control and provide standby power for a single acting actuator using a single acting hand pump, reservoir, high pressure relief valve, make up check valve, low pressure return relief valve and two speed control valves all integrated into one manifold based unit.
  • A medical equipment manufacturer who needed to integrate a single acting cylinder, foot pump, single pedal release valve and pressure compensate flow control valve into a single cost effective OEM unit.
  • A diving bell manufacturer who could no longer live with the corrosion on cheap imported hand pumps and wanted a low corrosion upgrade to a Micropac unit.
  • A misting systems or High Fog OEM who needed one of our pumps for Pressure Testing but with a modified lightweight portable reservoir with hose storage.